8 Beautiful Beefy Burgers

Story and Photos by Carl Patzel

The history of the hamburger’s origins has created controversy for decades. From Genghis Khan looking for a quick meal marching across the desert, to immigrants from Hamburg, Germany, bringing a namesake recipe to the North American shoreline, to good old USA ingenuity, stories are aplenty of this handy sandwich.

What isn’t in contention is the popularity of slabbing ground meat in between two slices of bread. It’s just deliciously plain as the juice drippings on your favourite shirt.

the burgers all look so tasty we couldn’t choose just one, so we produced two different covers. Post a pic of your copy of the summer issue on Instagram with #burgersofairdrielife, and tag your favourite burger place to enter to win a $50 gift card to order, what else, your favourite burgers!

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