Susan Baycroft isn’t one to dwell on the negatives.

Despite the fact that her husband was laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic in March and she had just launched a new business that came to an immediate halt due to the virus, she still sees the good in it all.

“We focused on the blessings,” says the owner of Airdrie Mediation Services.

“We had an incredible long camping season filled with amazing family adventures that I could have only dreamt of having in my own childhood. Our immediate and extended families have stayed healthy, and though we know it will take a long time to repair the damage done by this pandemic, we have faith that we are stronger than ever to see the other side of it.”

Although she doesn’t regularly volunteer for any particular Airdrie organizations, Baycroft says it is the little things that she does that make a difference. Unsolicited balloon drops at the doors of children needing a smile, grocery runs for seniors and neighbours in need, treats delivered to friends/family/neighbours just to see them smile – these are all things she goes out of her way to do on a regular basis.

At the earlier stages of the pandemic, her family reached out to their community to gather food bank donations, resulting in the delivery of 400 pounds of food to the organization.

Merle Steele has known Baycroft since 2006 and nominated her for the Amazing Heart Award.

“Susan deserves this award because she always makes things better just by being there and I want her to know how much it is appreciated,” says Steele.