Karina Clayton believes time is the most valuable gift we can give.

Since moving to Canada from Mexico 16 years ago, Clayton has kept an eye out for opportunities to help those around her.

“Whenever I see somebody going through a tough time, I think what can I do to help. I know everyone goes through tough times in their lives, my family has gone through tough times, so I know what it feels like when you don’t have somebody to reach out to,” says Clayton.

“Where our pockets cannot, our actions can.”

From running errands, getting groceries for those in need, putting together baggies for homeless people, cooking meals for those who are sick or going through a family loss, Clayton believes the small things add up.

“She literally will take her shirt off her back and give it to someone else,” says nominator and husband John Clayton.

“Karina truly has an amazing, compassionate, generous, kind heart, I have not met someone in my life as caring and loving as she is.”

Over the years Clayton has also donated her time to support United Way Calgary, Heart & Stroke Foundation, Canadian Liver Foundation, Boys & Girls Club, Woods Homes for Children’s Mental Health, and the Calgary Drop-In Centre and various food banks, all these institutions have benefited Airdrie residents as well.