Sami Issa-Tasse is intent on removing barriers to dental care.
As a dental hygienist, Issa-Tasse is all about prevention, so she opened The Beautiful Tooth Company in Airdrie four years ago, focused on improving oral health and preventing disease.
“It’s all about education and awareness. I want to empower patient to take care of their oral health. Not only will this reduce the risk of costly dental treatment in the future but allows patients to achieve better overall wellness since the mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body,” says Issa-Tasse.
“Regular hygiene maintenance is important so I wanted to create a welcoming space with a positive culture that people would look forward to coming to and have a long-term relationship with.”
Issa-Tasse uses a lower fee guide and tries to work within people’s budgets to make services more accessible and uses the latest innovation in her practice to elevate care to her patients.
Nominator Renae Krevenchuk say Issa-Tasse’s efforts to educate on oral health care are inspiring.
“She loves helping her patients achieve their best oral health and overall wellness by educating and empowering them to take control of their health. She feels everyone deserves affordable and high-quality care and goes above and beyond providing for her patients,” says Krevenchuk.