For Sarika Mehta, giving time to others is what she was raised to do. 

The former makeup artist started volunteering when she was 14 years old. Since then, she’s given countless hours of her time supporting various food banks and this will be the fifth year she has made boxes full of gifts to hand out to women on Mother’s Day. 

“My dad taught me one thing: God will always give you more if you share,” says Mehta.

“We only need enough to live. If you have more, always share that. Sharing is not always money.”

In her home country of India, Mehta is currently sponsoring the education for 10 children while supporting three grandparents. She has also developed a campaign in both India and Canada to raise money, make meals and give food to those who can’t afford it. 

In 2021, Mehta travelled to the Dominican Republic for two months raising funds for sick children through cooking and selling meals.

“Sarika is always the first person I know who is there to help someone…. She has a heart of gold, and I would love to be able to give back to her the way she gives to everyone else,” says nominator Malissa Hayes.