Renée Short gives new meaning to the words kind and generous.

The Airdrie lawyer began the process of adopting twin six-year-old boys three years ago. The boys brought the family great joy but also presented some challenges as they both have ADHD and special needs due to a traumatic past.

“Children with special needs cannot fit into the expectations of the general population and cannot necessarily be educated or raised the same way as other children,” says Short.

In addition to navigating new waters with her sons, Short is working hard to give the gift of life to her friend’s 15-year-old son, who has end-stage renal failure due to congenital abnormalities.

Short is not a match for her friend’s son so she is taking part in a kidney pairing program that will allow her to donate her kidney to another recipient who has a paired donor to match him.

“If I can give someone else a chance at a longer, healthier life, then it doesn’t seem like much of a sacrifice for me to make,” says Short.

Short’s sister Charmaine Lloyd nominated her for the award, saying it is about time Short gets credit for all of the incredibly generous things she does.

“Renée deserves this award, because not only does she do so many amazing things, but she also does them quietly and secretly, never boasting or announcing them to others or on social media and never seeking acknowledgement,” says Lloyd.