Dana Gable is a completely different woman compared to five years ago.

Since starting at Airdrie P.O.W.E.R., Gable has worked an excavator to dig out a sidewalk trench, learned to grout, planned a gala, applied for hundreds of grants, navigated social media and even cleaned toilets.

“I have grown in ways I never thought possible. I have been put in situations I never thought I could be in, much less handle,” says Gable, who is operations manager at the day shelter.

“I never thought I would be working with these women who have been through such intense, traumatic events. I was terrified I didn’t have what it took. So, I had to find that courage within myself. Now, I would do anything for these women. I would give them everything I have.”

Beverley Norman, nominator and Board Treasurer at Airdrie P.O.W.E.R, says the shelter could not adequately function without Gable.

“She is truly the heart of our initiative,” says Norman. “Her fervent commitment to being a key component in bringing energy to our organization comes through in everything she does … We would not exist without her creative diligence and dedication to P.O.W.E.R.”