Madison Gagnon says music holds a special place in her heart.

At the age of 19, Gagnon can play and teach multiple musical disciplines like singing, drums, piano, guitar and ukulele. An incredible accomplishment for someone born with limited vision due to an eye condition.

“Music has always provided me a safe space with many possibilities,” says Gagnon.

“It is so enjoyable for me. There is always new music or a new chord I can practise, then, once you accomplish that, there is so much more to learn. I receive so much joy out of music and I want to help others experience that same joy.”

Gagnon has been working at Airdrie Music Lessons (AML) since 2020. In that time, she has developed a roster of loyal music students and was promoted to lead teacher status, taking on private lessons and group classes while co-ordinating concerts.

Nominator and AML owner, Anthony Burbidge, says Gagnon routinely seeks ways to improve.

“Her work ethic, unlimited energy, and ambition are rare and impressive. For someone so young, she has accomplished a great deal,” says Burbidge.

“She is, undoubtedly, an amazing young woman, an amazing employee and shows amazing promise. I can only imagine what she’ll achieve in the years to come.”