Kristy Messner has always had an entrepreneurial mindset. 

She’s built two businesses from the ground up, and decided to focus on creating a cleaner, more environmentally friendly candle after giving birth to two children.

I had become very aware of the chemicals we all have in our homes and how they negatively impact our health,” says Messner, who created Lagom Candle Design.

“I had been introduced to essential oils over 10 years ago and learned how toxic everyday candles were. In 2019 I decided I missed burning a candle and set out to find a cleaner wax and cleaner scents.”

In 2020, Messner donated a portion of her sales to Brenda’s House and the Children’s Cottage Society. She’s now looking to collaborate with country star Paul Brandt for #NotInMyCity to create a candle where a portion of sales goes towards preventing human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Alberta.

“It’s the work that you put in where you really start to see something grow. Both at home, in business and the community,” says Messner.

“Having your small business find success and then using that success to give back to your local community is what it’s all about,” says nominator Nikki Bergstrom.