Kim Sundset has a vision of building a community where no youth is left behind to struggle on their own.

As founder of Youth Airdrie, a volunteer-based, free and inclusive program for children and youth, Sundset hosts workshops and mentorship programs with the idea of older youth mentoring younger youth to build confidence, connections and skills for life.

“It started with my daughter,” says Sundset. “I was trying to create a better community for her and really instil moral values and a sense of community building and volunteering. As she grew up, I realized that I wasn’t done parenting. I want to extend that idea to more and more kids and as many as possible.”

Sundset works as a full-time project manager for a Calgary-based engineering company. The entirety of her spare time, however, is taken up by facilitating youth programming and volunteering in Airdrie.

She is also passionate about Indigenous business mentorship, giving those in the community the support they need to help thrive.

“Kim strongly advocates for youth in our community,” says nominator Lore Perez.

“She’s always full of ideas of workshops and activities for youth. Her energy to serve others is so contagious.”