When her heart tells her to do something, Katherine Blumhagen listens.

Whether that’s buying someone a cup of coffee, groceries, or pushing the company she works for to bring in new policies to improve the lives of her co-workers.

“I try really hard to support the people around me,” Blumhagen says.

“I want to help people ask themselves: ‘What do I want?’ It might seem silly, but we shouldn’t have to wait for permission to travel or dream or do something new. We can do it and we deserve it.”

As clinic manager at Airdrie Family Eye Doctor, Blumhagen has spent the past five years encouraging those around her to take care of themselves.

She has helped implement a number of policies, including paying for volunteer hours and additional counseling sessions, and has had a hand in developing programs for mental health support.

Blumhagen also created a cleaning company called Lemon & Lavender, with the idea that a clean, clutter-free space can give people the space to heal and relax.

Heather Cowie wanted to nominate Blumhagen because she inspires others to live their best lives.

“Katherine exudes kindness, generosity and love,” says Cowie, who owns Airdrie Family Eye Doctor. “She is not afraid to follow her heart and help others in need.”