Sophia Howell has been working to realize her dream of becoming an Olympic triathlete since she was 15 years old.

It’s why she trains upwards of 23 to 27 hours every week, depending on the season.

“I started a bit later than some people, so I had some real catching up to do,” Howell says.

“There is something about being on that podium that is addicting. Being surrounded by elite athletes who want it just as bad as you do. It’s incredibly motivating. I just love the sport and I love all three sports in it and I can’t see myself doing anything else.”

Howell is currently training at the National Performance Centre for Triathlon in Victoria, B.C. In 2022, she competed at the Canada Summer Games and won bronze and silver.

Nominator Ryan Doel says Howell is an inspiration and can’t wait to see her compete at the Olympics one day.

“Sophia is becoming an inspiration to many younger girls pursuing triathlon,” says Doel.

“She participates in volunteering and community events with McKee Homes in Airdrie, but most of her time is spent in the water, biking, running and the gym as she continues to strive to make the Canadian Olympic team and compete for Gold at the 2028 Olympic Games.”