Ashton Bennett wants new and expectant mothers to never feel like they are alone.

As a maternity and newborn photographer, Bennett says supporting women through their journey with children is personal. 

“When I had my second daughter, I got really bad postpartum depression. It completely changed the course of my life,” says Bennett. 

“Not only did I have to get through it, but I still live with it in ways that have affected my life with trauma and a little bit of PTSD. I have had two of my own losses as well. So this has all enveloped my whole life in good ways and bad.”

Bennett volunteers with the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Centre in Calgary. There, she works on the crisis line offering support to those experiencing loss, trauma, depression from pregnancy and infant loss.

She is also currently working towards her goal of becoming a social worker specializing in mental health for perinatal and postpartum mood disorders at Mount Royal University.

Nominator Sarah Courneya says Bennett actively works to help everyone with whom she crosses paths.

“She is so passionate about pregnancy and post-pregnancy issues and has helped countless people through difficult times,” says Courneya.