Instead of wallowing, pregnancy and newborn photographer Ashton Bennett uses personal tragedy to help women suffering through postpartum depression and miscarriage.

Not only has she suffered two miscarriages, but the mother of two also had postpartum depression with her second.

She is adamant about spreading the word by sharing her story with others, despite the pain the memories often bring up.

“No one talks about it, but I have taken it upon myself to spread the word,” says Bennett. “I use my business to share resources and be an advocate for these women.”

Heather Spearman Obery first read Bennett’s story on social media. She is impressed with Bennett’s bravery.

“She has been so vocal and not afraid to be out there, and it has helped a lot of women,” says Spearman-Obery. “She has suffered and used it to grow.”

Bennett, who is now training to become a doula, sees the work she does with these women as her calling.

“It’s my job now, I have to help these women,” she says. “I can’t let them go through it alone if I can help.”