Joni Daley always looks on the bright side of life, no matter how challenging things might get.

Her husband passed away 24 years ago from brain cancer, and she has since raised three children as an only parent, plus built a few successful businesses.

“I would say my life has not been for the faint of heart,” says Daley, who has herself recovered from a brain aneurysm and has had multiple organs removed and other health complications.

“You can move on, you can have joy, you can see your dreams be fulfilled if you stay positive.”

As the founder of Rival Axe Throwing, Daley says she has always had a heart for building community and the less fortunate.

Over the years, Daley and her family have purchased food and clothing for people in need and volunteered for various organizations like homeless shelters and various nonprofit organizations.

She has also partnered with organizations to help people get back into society who may have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances or have spent time in prison or on the streets.

Nominator Jena Storms calls her mother a role model.

“My mom shows me and others how to be courageous. She never gives up. She is a true shining light to many.”