Heather Spearman feels like there’s so much more work to do.

After feeling a calling to run for Airdrie City Council, Spearman jumped right in after being elected in 2021.

“We have incredible people here and the world needs to know who Airdrie is because we get overlooked on so many levels whether it is funding from different levels of government or social programming. A lot of people get told to just go to Calgary,” Spearman Oery says.

“I wanted to change the culture of the perception of Airdrie, and I wanted to give us vision and help see it into the next era of our super strong city.”

Spearman is a champion for local business and events in Airdrie through volunteering and fundraising. On social media she shares lists of weekly local events, and updates from local groups and businesses.

Nominator Veronica Funk says Heather has been an incredible advocate for Airdrie.

“From Airdrie Pride, to the Indigenous community, to the arts, everyone, including marginalized groups, feel as though they have a voice in her representation. She is involved, honest and transparent, all attributes that build trust and faith in a person. With her support and engagement, I have confidence that arts, culture and equality will thrive and create an exciting future for Airdrie.”