Compassion comes first for Brandee Scarrott when life’s curveballs are thrown her way.

For the past several years, Scarrott has been unwavering in her commitment to serve the community in any way possible. 

“Growing up we didn’t have a lot and we didn’t always have the resources or knew about the resources that were out there for us. So as I got older, I wanted to feel connected to my community.”

Volunteering her time to collect food and toys for various organizations in Airdrie, Scarrott went a step further and joined the Airdrie Lioness Club. Eventually, she would become president.

Under her guise, Scarrott developed programs for food drives and created hampers for more than 300 families in Airdrie. When the pandemic hit, she worked into the wee hours of the morning making sure families in need didn’t go without, all while running a day home, schooling her children and taking care of her family. 

Nominator Donelda Johnson says Scarrott has always been the first to volunteer for local causes. Feeling the call to serve the people living in it. 

“All of this with a smile on her face, a joke, a laugh,” says Johnson.