Frances MacCuaig says when she was young, she was considered part of the vulnerable sector. Having someone to help her through it allowed her to be here today to give back in her own way and show her appreciation and gratitude.

“We all have a time in our lives where we become lost; whether it’s a teenager who feels their parents and teachers don’t understand them, an addict who struggles with depression or any other form of mental illness and feels that’s the only way out, a senior whose family has moved away and are left alone. They all need to replace the loss and struggle they feel with something,” says MacCuaig.

“I feel I can give them a bit of my time to listen to their stories or buy someone a cup of coffee. We are a collective that needs to watch out and care for each other.”

She has volunteered for Bethany Care Centre and Soap for Hope, noting that her life motto is “treat others with love and respect and do no harm to anyone.”

Charlotte Gilmer nominated MacCuaig for the Amazing Legacy Award and says the Airdrian of 16 years has spent countless hours offering her expertise in finance and office management to volunteer organizations.

“Fran has given herself tirelessly, selflessly and full hearted for the programs and non-profit agencies that have crossed her path and ignited her passion,” says Gilmer.

“(She) is a beautiful human being who has dedicated her spare time to helping others and bettering community.”