Giving youth in Airdrie a seat at the table is what Cydney Bradbury feels passionate about. 

The Grade 10 student at George McDougall High School volunteers with the Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs. There, she works to educate and empower youth in the community through partnering with Airdrie City Council and various non-profit organizations.

More recently, her work has focused on helping newcomers get situated, educating on drug use and working with the City for better transportation to post-secondary institutions.

“Youth are going to be our future one day, and they need to know what is going on now so they can fix it or create connections,” says Bradbury.

“It’s important they learn these skills now, so when it comes time for us to grow and be a part of our community, we know what is going on and we know which areas need our support the most.”

Nominators Erin Duggan and Danielle Wyman say Bradbury is one of their strongest students.

“She volunteers, has a paper route, is a beekeeper, participates in public speaking competitions, and has real old-school pen pals from all over the world. She is a pretty cool kid,” says Wyman.