You can count on leaving Debbie Miller’s office with a smile on your face. 

Miller says her job as branch manager at Andrew Agencies is not the most glamorous, but it’s very rewarding. 

“Insurance itself is one of those necessary evils. Everybody has to have it. So I try to make it a positive experience for our clients and staff.”


Miller got her start in the industry in the 1980s as an underwriter before taking the leap in 1994 to become a broker. She credits her predecessor, Ken McCracken, for keeping a positive attitude. He used to tell jokes to help lighten the mood.

“I’m not a jokester but I do enjoy helping people. If people are frustrated you just have to try and help them out the best you can. I try to pass that on to the staff here,” says Miller.


Nominator Jackie Jukich has been working with Miller since 2019. She says Miller’s mentorship has been key to her success.

“I am so extremely honoured for the first time in my career as a broker to have met such a compassionate leader and mentor. She is everything that honesty and integrity comes from,” says Jukich.