Natalie Berthiaume believes in leading by example.

As a realtor in Airdrie for the past 13 years, Berthiaume has committed to donating a portion of her commission to charity. She’s also taken the lead on organizing multiple charitable fundraisers for the Thumbs Up foundation.

In 2022, her charitable efforts helped raise more than $40,000.

“I think we all have an obligation as a community to look out for each other,” Berthiaume says.

“We have an obligation to look out for others and to improve the lives of others where we can in whatever way that we can. I hope I can inspire others to open their hearts and boost the lives of those living around us.”

At CIR Realty, Berthiaume mentors two agents under her group. Her goal is to nurture future agents to work hard and be genuine and respectful.

“Natalie is an inspiration to many,” says mother and nominator Susan Beneteau. “She is a mentor to many and her advice on various issues always comes from the heart.”

Over the years, Berthiaume has also volunteered for Big Brothers Big Sisters – taking young adults under her wing in hopes to inspire them to achieve great things despite their circumstances.