Deanna Vezina believes when it comes to fitness, you need to meet people where they’re at.  

As the owner of Flex Fitness, Vezina says there is a lot of pressure when it comes to working out. 

“Everyone needs different support. It’s about being there for people when they need me, so I can really be of benefit and bring positive things into their lives”, says Vezina.

“People have to be ready to make a change, and I support them no matter where they are in their fitness journey.”


Vezina started the virtual group fitness platform during the pandemic to bring women together and have fun despite the restrictions in place. “

Flex Fitness is all about empowering women through fitness and community. “It’s so much more than just a workout.”

Lynette Bartlett says although Vezina is always sharing and supporting other local businesses, her support really shines through to the women in her classes. 

“Holding online social events, a weekly fitness class schedule, monthly challenges, and fundraisers to keep her community tied together and supporting each other.… She’s continually supporting and welcoming all and any women,” says Bartlett. 

“Her drive does not go unnoticed, and her passion shines through.”