Danielle Edwards, 17, understands the pain that war can bring. Her father, who was deployed to Kosovo two years before Edwards was born, came back a changed man struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. Her father’s pain impacts the whole family, and Edwards, who suffers from anxiety and depression herself, has often struggled to cope. Despite the difficulties, Edwards, a Grade 12 student at George McDougall High School, is proud of her military family and friends and has a great deal of empathy for others. “Danielle puts on a brave face … and is there to offer a shoulder… words of encouragement and a bubbly enthusiasm that is so contagious you would never know that she struggles daily….,” says Michelle Turner. Edwards, who volunteers with First Airdrie Sparks and is always willing to lend a hand to her coach and teammates on her high school cheer squad, says being there for others helps her cope with her own anxieties and perfectionism. “It’s little things, but it really helps,” says Edwards. “It makes me feel like I have done something good and productive. It makes me feel like I am not focusing on my own issues.”