For Christine McLeod, all you really need is a good mindset and fitness.

It’s why throughout the pandemic McLeod has been encouraging others to stay positive and keep going.

“You can’t control your outside world and what is going on in your situation around you, but you can control your attitude and your outlook on life,” says McLeod. 

“A lot of that comes from working out.”

McLeod has spent more than 20 years coaching people on healthy living through mentoring clients both physically and mentally. In 2013, she opened Tri Fit Training to continue that work in Airdrie.

Nominators Ray Luu and Niki Middleton have seen firsthand the impact McLeod has had. As clients of Tri Fit, they say her leadership has not only changed their bodies but their outlook on situations in times of difficulty.

“Christine has been gifted the ability to connect with people of all ages and lifestyles,” says Middleton.

“She has been my amazing personal trainer and mentor for over 10 years, not only showing strength of juggling a successful business, marriage and two children, but surviving mentally, physically and professionally during the pandemic,” says Luu.