Amber Ward (Kakakaway), an Indigenous woman from the White Bear Nation, has spent the last few years reclaiming her identity.

Her inherent right to her culture, community and family was stolen as the result of inter generational trauma from residential schools and broken systems. Witnessing glimpses of culture in people and seeing the beauty of what she had missed out on, she knew it was time to reconnect.


“The steps I am taking hopefully make a safer way, a safer environment, a safer world for the next generation. Even if it is just my kids,” says Ward.

“It’s okay to be loud and proud and say things when they need to be said.”


In 2021, Ward organized several peaceful demonstrations. She created a memorial outside Airdrie City Hall honouring survivors from Cowessess residential school. She also co-hosted the first Day of Truth and Reconciliation Ceremony and coordinated the orange footprint pathway at Nose Creek Park.

Currently, Ward is working on a permanent memorial at City Hall.

Nominator Sue Methuen has supported Ward in her endeavours.

“She has found the strength and courage from her ancestors to do this work and share it with her children,” says Methuen.”