A local mom is teaching her four-year-old daughter in a meaningful way that everyone matters.

Last year, Brytanni Ross decided to use her daughter Scarlett’s birthday as a reason to give back to the community and teach a lesson in the process.

“I started doing charities every year before my daughter’s birthday as a way to teach her kindness to all and how important community is,” says Ross.

In 2018, the family ran a charity called Scarlett’s Mittens. They collected more than 460 different winter necessities such as gloves, boots, coats and socks for homeless people in Calgary.

The Drop-In Centre and Helping the Homeless distributed the items.

“Scarlett was over the moon that she was able to hand items to people that needed them the most,” says Ross.

The 2019 fundraiser focused on animals with proceeds going to five different animal shelters.

“Everyone matters no matter how big or how small; if they are furry friends or just someone we are passing on the street, everyone deserves kindness and you really can change a life,” says Ross.

Tiffany Newhook is Ross’s friend and nominator and says the generous mom goes above and beyond for anyone in need.

“She has ventured out countless times in the dark and rain when someone needed help. She is a genuine person with a heart of gold that wants to pass that on to her daughter and the way she conducts herself is truly inspiring.”