Seventeen-year-old Bella Stothart has dreams of playing volleyball professionally.

The Grade 11 George McDougall High School student says the sport has given her more than just a spot on the team.

“I absolutely love the collective and automatic friendships that come with volleyball and team sports,” says Stothart.

“The communication and trust skills that it gives me, and the ability to relax and enjoy what I am doing. I also have a leadership role, so it challenges me.”

Stothart was voted team captain by her fellow teammates at the varsity level. She has also played professionally for the Canuck Stuff Volleyball Club in Calgary; as a co-captain at the Alberta Winter Games and played for Team Alberta this past summer.

Her goal is to play volleyball for a post-secondary team, before trying out for the national team. 

Varsity Volleyball coach and nominator Jackie Tobin says Isabella would practice every hour or every day if you let her.

“In true Bella fashion, she is always striving to do more, work harder and ultimately improve. It was a pleasure to coach such a nice, promising young athlete this season,” says Tobin. 

“Bella will only get better, and I can’t wait to see what her future has in store.”