Winter 2018

Sergei Belski, photographer, 42 issues

Over the years I had so many interesting photo shoots for this magazine and met so many interesting people! I love photo shoots when I can eat what I photograph, after I photograph it. But, actually, if I would try to pick my favourite, two photo shoots come to mind. I love action photography, so I loved photographing an Airdrie Brewers baseball gamed. Probably my favourite photo shoot was when I got a chance to go up in the air with Airdrie Flying Club to take photographs for a “high flyers” story.  


Ayesha Clough, writer, six issues 

Writing for airdrielife, I’ve met many wonderful folks, from chefs and farmers, to psychics and potters. I’ve shivered in pig pens and overheated in commercial kitchens. I’ve laughed and I’ve cried. The one constant is working with (publisher) Sherry (Shaw-Froggatt) – and marvelling at her passion. For 15 years, Sherry has been a tireless advocate for Airdrie and a champion of all that makes this city great. With a nose for a story, and a finger on the pulse of our community, she has nurtured a loyal team of contributors who are inspired by her vision, commitment, resilience and creativity. Congratulations on your 50th issue, Sherry, and thanks for reminding us that life is good! 


Britton Ledingham, writer, photographer, video and podcast host, 10 issues 

It’s hard to pinpoint my favourite assignment. There are things I enjoy about every person I’ve met to do photos with or write about. That said, writing about Ryan Straschnitzki and his family’s story through the last seven months has been a positive experience out of some of the worst that can be thrown at a family. Journalists do their best not to be vultures, but it’s hard not to have some of that stigma weigh on you when calling a Humboldt Broncos crash victim and his family. However, they have been extremely helpful and kind. The word victim can hardly be used in the same paragraph with them, because the way they’ve rolled with the punches has been remarkable. They address the hell and the heaven we see on the roller coaster ride of life. I hope you enjoy reading, viewing and listening to their stories as much as I did getting to know them. 


Kristy Reimer, photographer, 45 issues  

Thinking back to all of the airdrielife assignments I have done, a few are quite unforgettable! The first is from the summer issue of 2008, The Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow. The three people in costume were photographed in studio (with lots of laughter) and superimposed onto a yellow brick road background. The next one that is memorable is from the fall issue of 2010, featuring Steve Lubiarz, a CPO musician. His dramatic facial expressions created such a dynamic set of images and he was so inspiring to photograph. My third favourite is the Amazing Women composite image from the spring 2018 cover. It will always stick out in my memory because of the sheer challenge of creating such a huge composite with so many people. When the final image was assembled, it felt like such a major accomplishment. 


Dawn Smith, writer, seven issues 

Without a doubt, my favourite writing assignments have been the Amazing Women features. It has been an honour to hear the stories of so many women who are making a difference in our community. These individuals have reminded me that anyone can be a beacon of light within their circle, whether it is a small or large community, and have inspired me to be a positive force in my world 


Wyatt Tremblay, writer, illustrator, nine issues 

I moved to Airdrie from the Yukon five years ago, after more than 40 years of living in a small northern capital city where everyone knew everyone. I was a stranger here, but I knew the best way to get to know a new community was, of course, to go out and meet new people, and to connect with local news sources, such as airdrielife, a magazine about Airdrie and its people. When Sherry invited me to write for her publication three years ago, I couldn’t believe my luck. This colourful, people-focused magazine has helped me understand the uniqueness of the community that has become my home and has allowed me to make connections to people I might never have made. Carvers, writers, painters, young entrepreneurs, aspiring dancers and musicians; all amazing people with incredible tales to tell. My favourite stories are always the last ones I wrote, for the simple reason that just when you begin to think, “Surely there can’t be another Airdrie story as good as that one,” there really is!