Artistry on Ice

Photos by Sergei Belski

Fall 2018

 “The feeling of flowing through each movement on the ice and knowing that I’m doing something so unique – something no other sport/athlete does”

Meet some of Airdrie’s skating sensations who demonstrate their winning attitudes both on and off the ice as members of the Airdrie Skating Club.

What do you love most about skating?

Emily: competing and showing what I can do

Sarah: ice dance

Ben: staying fit

Emma: landing a jump

Shelby: The feeling of flowing through each movement on the ice and knowing that I’m doing something so unique – something no other sport/athlete does. I also love the jumps and the artistry associated with figure skating.

Tanisha: trying new things

Peyton: Feeling accomplished when you are able to do the skills and jumps you are learning. Also hearing people cheer for you and support you.

Jaden: I love doing my jumps; skating makes me feel good inside.

Heather: performing

What is the hardest part about being a skater?

Emily: injuries

Sarah: finding motivation after failure

Emma: falling

Shelby: In everything you do in figure skating there are so many components and details to know and learn how to correct and change to improve – it’s very complicated! Also how the jumps are so difficult and they come and go – one minute you can land a jump and the next day you can’t land that same jump.

Tanisha: after continuously falling, having to push yourself to keep trying

Peyton: the off-ice training and getting over your fears of getting hurt and not being able to skate again

Jaden: being able to express emotions in your solos

Heather: getting through competitions or stressful moments

What makes you feel most successful on ice?

Emily: skating a clean program and good support from my coach

Sarah: when I pass a test

Ben: being on the ice and doing my best

Emma: when I reach my goals, whether it’s being on the podium or landing a jump for the first time in competitions, and when I can celebrate the successes of my team

Shelby: when I am able to finally get something, whether it’s a jump or a spin after working on it for a long time. Also the encouragement I get from other skaters!

Tanisha: any time you accomplish a new skill

Peyton: when your friends, coaches and fellow skaters applaud and cheer you on

Jaden: landing my jumps

Heather: when I have my skating friends beside me

The Airdrie skating community includes all ages and interests. With a membership of approximately 900 per season, the Airdrie Skating Club is one of the largest in Alberta. Programs include basic for anyone who wants to learn (all age levels), as well as power skating programs that enhance the existing minor hockey and ringette organizations at all levels.  In addition, the club supports and trains figure skaters with national guidelines to optimal ideal training environments.  Most of the club’s figure skaters will enter a competition each season once they are past their first year of training.

Our skaters

Emily Frost, 11 (started at age 3); Level: Star 5

Sarah Dolhun, 14 (started at age 5); Level: Star 5

Benjamin Vatcher, 12 (started at age 4); Level: Star 3

Emma Schill, 11 (started at age 2); Level: Star 5

Shelby Doel, 15 (started at age 4); Level: Star 4

Tanisha Halvorson, 13 (started at age 3); Level: Star 4

Peyton Stankevich, 11 (started at age 4); Level: Star 2

Jaden Kasper, 10 (started at age 7); Level: Pre- Juvenile

Heather Nunn, 10 (started at age 6); Level: Star 4