Airdrie top destination for all RV needs

Story by Shauna Quinn

Summer 2022

It’s what many of us look forward to when the warm weather hits: packing up a laundry list of supplies and wiggly children to hit the open road for summer.

Halfway to the destination, you’ll remember you left the marshmallows on the counter. Picking up a couple more treats or an extra roll of toilet paper, there’s never a shortage of reasons to make a quick trip back to civilization. After all, camping can bring both family and friends together with shared experience of both joy and some light suffering – be it limited showers, circumventing Alberta’s fickle weather or keeping those munchkins busy.

That’s where Airdrie comes in.

Our city has made itself the destination for finding a home on wheels, and a place for families to stop in and take a breather at any of our local parks, take part in festivals and events or grab a cold one on the patio. With six RV centres, Airdrie has become a regional hub for trailer services, supplies and rentals.

RV there yet?

Western RV Country offers one of the largest inventories of pre-owned RVs in Canada – priced for every budget.

“We came to Airdrie over 20 years ago and other dealer groups have followed. Many Albertan campers travel through Airdrie on a daily basis, so the location is very ideal,” says Brandon Urban, sales manager at Western RV Country.

Also on Airdrie’s east side is Traveland RV Supercentre. The company is one of the largest RV dealers in Canada with more than 1,000 RVs in stock and 70 service technicians. They are currently building a 16,000-square-foot showroom to accompany their 12-acre site with a 22-bay service shop.

Field of RV Dreams and RV Nation will trade, buy or sell your RV and handle all of the legal paperwork for you. For RV owners in need of repair, Swift RV Repairs, Lone Pine RV and Dandy Auto Marine RV promise to get you on the road again as fast as possible.

If purchasing an RV just isn’t in the budget, Fraserway RV is a national dealership that offers a gallery of RVs available to rent, including one-way opportunities for those looking to explore coast to coast.

A good home is where you park it

Airdrie couple Maud Hebert and Simon Breton have travelled across Alberta with their micro teardrop trailer. Their Instagram, happy_yyc_campers, details the adventures they take while living the RV life.

“[Airdrie has] a wide variety of sellers and brands. Even rare brands like our Little Guy Trailer,” says Breton.

“I like to have a variety of dealers nearby, as I do customize my trailer a lot and always need parts.”

They say sprucing up your own camper can be as easy as adding a few lights for ambience, purchasing some good quality lawn chairs and of course, packing a good selection of board games. All items are available in Airdrie RV centres, or can be found nearby in some of the quaint and unique stores dotted along Kingsview Boulevard.

“[Camping allows you] to break the routine, relax and relieve stress. It’s very good for your mental health and mood. It allows you to spend more quality time with family and friends. To enjoy a campfire. The food is much better cooked on the fire,” Breton says.

Wherever summer takes you, and whatever you need for your RV adventure, find it with a summer stop in Airdrie.

Including the marshmallows.

Plan your staycation or summer stop in Airdrie this summerHERE

Shauna Quinn is a tourism development officer with the City of Airdrie