A spoonful of wellness

Story by Josie Randall

Avalon Lukacs was in her mid-20s when she started suffering from cystic acne.

Over the course of four years, Lukacs went through a cocktail of medications and topical creams before she turned to supplementing her diet.

“My gut flora was disrupted, and at the time I had no connection between the two. Healing my gut is actually what healed my skin,” says Lukacs.

“It just really blew me away that there was this need to supplement our diet. Whether it be from stress or missing nutrients, these all disrupt our gut flora. That led me on this journey to want to create my own wellness brand.”

Lukacs launched Aura Inner Beauty from her Airdrie home in 2019 with her Inner Beauty Restorative Powder. It was created from ingredients she used to treat her own gut.

Now, the wellness brand has multiple elixirs, bundles and utensils to nourish beauty from within.

All while using bioavailable nutrients, and not synthetic vitamins, sugar or other additives.


It’s all in a teaspoon

Lukacs doesn’t want Aura Inner Beauty to be just another health and wellness brand selling products. Instead, she wants to educate people on the benefits of supplementing their diet to help with issues.

And it might take less than you think.

According to Lukacs, one teaspoon of Restorative Powder is the equivalent of taking five to 10 supplements.

“The cost per serving of one of our supplements is less than $3 per serving. As a society we haven’t really normalized this idea of wellness. But we have totally normalized a $6 coffee from Starbucks that is all caffeine and sugar,” she says.

“It’s my hope that my brand can kick start normalizing more conversations around quality and wellness.”

For Lukacs, finding your inner beauty is as simple as tuning into how you are feeling and just supporting what you need. For example, are you lacking energy? Are you feeling a lot of mental stress or fatigue? Are you breaking out?

“There is so much good in getting the right nutrients to your body. You just need to start with what you want to heal,” she says.