Top five tips for working out at home

Story by Stacie Gaetz


Photos by iStock

With COVID-19 gym restrictions tightening up again, it can be hard to get an appointment or perhaps you don’t feel comfortable working out in a public space right now.

No need to worry, Tricia Andres McDonald with Orangetheory Fitness Airdrie has you covered.

She says although she is frustrated with the current Alberta Health Services (AHS) pandemic restrictions, Orangetheory Fitness is here to support Airdrie’s physical and mental health.

“We want to support our community and make sure everyone comes out of this stronger than ever,” says Andres McDonald.

She gave us her top five tips for getting results from your at-home work out:

1) Start with small daily goals (a 15-minute walk or jog or 15 squats).

2) Add in as you go. Once you are comfortable with the small stuff, bump up the burn with new and more difficult challenges.

3) Get an accountability partner, Fitbit or Apple Watch to keep you motivated.

4) Schedule your workout into your day. Actually write it down in your planner, that way you can’t make the excuse that you don’t have time.

5) Make it fun. Do activities that you like to do, and you will be more likely to do them.

The AHS indoor fitness restrictions that were implemented on April 9 state that group fitness activities are not permitted. Individual or household one-on-one training is allowed, with a trainer. All indoor fitness must be scheduled or by appointment.

Orangetheory Fitness is not currently offering in-person classes. They are conducting live virtual classes and hosting a YouTube channel. They offer 34 classes per week with two coaches.

“All of our classes are led by our own coaches, you are getting instant feedback and motivation as the coach is able to see you,” says Andres McDonald.

“You can wear your heart rate monitor, which connects you to the workout and the screen to get real-time results.”

Andres McDonald adds one of the biggest mistakes people make when working out at home is taking on a program that doesn’t fit them and expecting big results in very little time.

She says that the simplest things can have a huge impact; walking the dog just a little bit farther every day, getting the bikes out of the garage for a weekend ride or throwing in some dancing and a few squats while do the housework can see results.

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