The benefits of indoor plants

The cooler weather of winter is here and outdoor plants and flowers will be just a memory, but that doesn’t mean you can’t surround yourself with lush greenery and colourful blooms this winter.

Houseplants offer a number of benefits from physical and mental health to productivity and even better sleep.

Read on to learn more about why you should bring the outdoors in this winter and where to go to get tropical indoor plants in Airdrie.


  1. It’s Easy

Many people are intimidated by the thought of caring for house plants and you often hear the phrase “I kill every plant I own.” A local expert says it doesn’t have to be difficult to surround yourself with greenery.

“Anyone can be a plant parent; plant parenthood doesn’t have to be hard,” says Angela Lutz, owner of Sweet Joan Co., a local store that sells tropical indoor plants and garden seeds.

“All (it takes are some) trial and errors that you can get with experience of knowing what works and modifications that need to be made to optimize plant happiness.”


  1. Mental Health

There are a number of studies around the world that have concluded that having plants in a room reduce stress levels by making us feel comfortable, soothed and one with nature. They also give you something other than your problems to concentrate on and problem solve. Additional mental health benefits include lowering anxiety and promoting mindfulness.


  1. Physical Health

Plants can improve the quality of indoor air by absorbing toxins and producing more oxygen than what is found in a home without indoor plants. Research has shown that rooms with houseplants may contain up to 60 per cent less airborne molds and bacteria than rooms without any greenery.


  1. Bring Beauty

Using plants for home décor purposes has become incredibly popular. With the ability to bring life into a room simply by sitting on a shelf or mantel, beautifully fill the corner of a room and bring colour to any space, there is no surprise that plant décor has become the star on many people’s Instagram accounts.


  1. Creates Community

Sweet Joan Co. has a propagation station, basically the idea around it is similar to that of leave a penny, take a penny but with plant cuttings.  The intent is for the community to be able to share their love of plants with one another.

“Personally, I love caring for plants, watching their growth and sharing plants with friends and family,” says Lutz.

“The plant community is rewarding.”


  1. Brain Boost

Studies show that keeping potted plants and flowers around your workspace can substantially improve your creative performance and problem-solving skills. They have also been seen to improve concentration, productivity and memory retention. So, in short, keeping plants alive can help you kill it at work.


  1. Teach Responsibility

If your children have been bothering you get a pet that you just know you will end up caring for, a plant is the perfect way to instill a sense of responsibility in them. Having them care for a living (but not walking and eating and breathing) “being” can help them rise to the task or assist you in making your point that they may not be ready for a furry friend.


  1. Sense of accomplishment

Whether it is your child or yourself, keeping a plant alive and helping it to thrive into something gorgeous that you can showcase in your home for years to come is fulfilling. It can help you get a win when you might feel like you don’t have any in other aspects of life and who doesn’t like to show off their latest “adoptee” to their friends?


  1. Increase humidity

Plants release moisture from their leaves through a process called transpiration. This can be a particular benefit in Alberta, with our incredibly dry climate in the Fall and Winter. The most popular choices to boost humidity are tropical plants with large leaves including philodendron, Spider plants, and Jade plants.

  1. Sleep better

It may not be backed up by much research, but it has been said that some plants may induce relaxation and emit soothing scents that can help to calm you and invite sleep. Lavender, jasmine, aloe vera and snake plants may all help you doze off in peace.

Although good for you in many ways, houseplants do need to come with a warning. Make sure that you do your research and ensure the plants you are bringing into your home are safe for the pets or children that may have access to them.

For more information on the benefits of houseplants and Sweet Joan Co., read our Fall edition of airdrielife magazine.