Neighbourhood Window Walks

Story by Jacey Conway

Neighbourhood Window Walks are taking place all across North America and involve families placing specific items in their windows on certain dates for their neighbours to see as they walk or drive by.

Airdrie windows are being filled with encouraging messages, pictures or special items and are meant to uplift and create a strong community spirit in neighbourhoods while families stay home.

Erin Aucoin and her young daughter participated in the window walk by decorating their window with window paint in late March.

Photo courtesy  Erin Aucoin

“We had an amazing day together doing it and we loved watching the people looking at our art,” she said.

Lauren Vellinga and her children placed positive notes and pictures in their windows to encourage the people in their neighbourhood and help them “smile again”.

“The kids have noticed the smiles on their faces which puts a smile on theirs,” said Vellinga.

Katie Ronald said her young son is delighted to place colourings and other items in their window.

“He has even started scribbling on any piece of paper he can find and asks me to put them in the windows to help make people happy,” she said.

Participating in the window walk can be a great distraction for young ones stuck in the house, but it can bring joy to people of all ages.

Jean Storey lives in a different province than her grandchildren and cannot see them during this time so she participated in the Neighbourhood Window Walk to cheer up the children in her neighbourhood.

“Yesterday we both sat and coloured an Easter page and hung them in our front window for the littles that will be on the lookout for them,” said Storey.

Vanessa Dumesnil and her girls took advantage of the art in the windows and enjoyed a walk in their neighbourhood searching for the works of art.

“Me and my girls found it very uplifting to search for the fun pictures and paintings in the windows, and the sidewalk chalk,” she said.

If you are interested in participating in the Neighbourhood Window Walk, follow along the April Neighbourhood Window Walk reference list below and join your neighbours in spreading good cheer in your community.

April 8 – Easter Egge and/or Bunnies

April 13 – Fish/Dolphins/Sharks

April 18 – Rainbows

April 23 – Lollipops

April 28 – Encouraging Words

May 3 – Disney Characters