Ladies Out Loud to host speaker series and book club

Story by Stacie Gaetz


Photos by iStock

A local organization with the goal of supporting and enhancing women’s social health is hosting a speaker series and bi-monthly book club and inviting anyone who wants to learn something to join.

Speaker Series

Ladies Out Loud (LOL) has been in operation since 2016 and was founded by longtime Airdrie resident Karen MacDonald.

The Speaker Series – Ladies TALK Out Loud will host author of Trauma as Medicine Sarah Salter Kelly on Sept. 10.

“My book shares the story of my mother’s homicide as a template to support others in healing trauma,” she says.

“It includes a journey of forgiveness as I sought the humanity in her perpetrator who was First Nations; in as much it includes an understanding of the history of Colonization in Canada and how that impacts all of us.”

Salter Kelly is a writer, healer and speaker, who utilizes the raw compounded teachings of her life experience to uplift, empower and guide others.

“Her wisdom is authentic, embodied and hard won – generated through years of integrating the tragic homicide of her mother and learning to forgive the perpetrator – alongside 30 years of studying personal growth, mysticism, restorative justice, and earth-based healing traditions,” says MacDonald.

According to her website, over the past 14 years, Salter Kelly has run a private healing practice, facilitated retreats in Canada and in Peru, taught trauma-focused and shamanic healing workshops, and presented at conferences/public events.

She is a mother, wife, and lover of organic gardening, as well as an avid out-door enthusiast. Her spare time is spent exploring the edges of the wild for solace, connection and the challenge of physical endurance. Sarah resides in Grand Forks, B.C., with her family.

The speaker series will take place from 6:30 to 8:30 pm on Sept 10 at LOL’s space in the Best Western Hotel.

For more information and to register, click here.

Book Club

“If you like reading, meeting new people and talking life and books, then you will enjoy our Reading Café meetings,” says MacDonald.

“Books bring people together and are an easy way to get conversations started. Reading is something that most enjoy and something we have in common.”

The book club takes place at LOL’s space in the Best Western Hotel every two weeks, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

“Reading can take us on adventures to lands never visited or back in time,” says MacDonald.

“The stories connect us. We read books to learn about life, human resilience, and the world outside our own wee bubble. It can also offer an escape from our day-to-day life.”

She adds that the main goal of LOL is to bring women together to connect and to step out of our own world.

“It’s also great hearing others’ opinions on the book we have read and life in general. We always get sidetracked with talking about our own experiences and how they relate to characters in the book,” she says.

“Once you get to know us, you will enjoy getting involved with other events and activities. We are a friendly group of ladies who have many great conversations, discussions and laughs.”

She adds that the club’s books for September both have a Scottish theme – the first book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and The Skylark’s Secret by Fiona Valpy.

MacDonald says the book club is open to anyone and there is no commitment required for which books you read.

“One thing I like about the group is there is no commitment to read the books or join us,” she adds.

“You may not always like the book but can follow what we are reading. Often, we choose books that also have movie/tv shows connected. If you haven’t read the book but have watched the movie/show, we welcome you to our meetings. This offers many perspectives. Pre COVID, we have read a book and had an outing to the movies when film of same title is released.”

For more information on the LOL book club, click here.