Airdrie BGC Club Launches Campaign for New Clubhouse

Story by Josie Randall


Photos by BGC Airdrie Club

Winter 2023/24

It’s a building most people living in Airdrie have driven by thousands of times over the years.

The BCG Airdrie Club located on Allen Street is inconspicuous in appearance, but well-loved by children and youth living in Airdrie and surrounding communities.

Now, it’s time to upgrade.

“It’s just time. The current building on Allen Street has shown its wear and has long extended its lifespan. It needs to be replaced,” says Denisa Sanness, Executive Director of BGC Airdrie Club.

“Without a new building we are going to lose a safe space for children and youth to go to in our community.”

BGC Airdrie Club has launched the Brick By Brick campaign to raise funds to replace their aging clubhouse. Donors contributing $25.00 or more will have their names prominently displayed on the interior wall of the new clubhouse.

Formerly known as the Airdrie Boys and Girls Club, the building has hosted day camps, haunted houses, cooking classes, after school programming, professional development days and a diverse set of clubs since 1979.

Sanness estimated about 145 children and youth access the services at BGC Airdrie Club everyday.

“The new clubhouse is going to be much larger than what we currently have, which means we can offer so much more to children and youth living in our community,” says Sammy Morros, Manager of Youth Programs and Services at BGC Airdrie Club.

“We’re going to have a designated space for art projects, quiet spaces for kids having a hard time to go and regulate, and we’re going to completely upgrade our cooking facility. It’s going to be bigger, more warm, sturdy, and inviting so kids can have more fun.”

The existing structure is slated for demolition in the coming months, while the new facility is tentatively set to open this fall.

To donate to the Brick By Brick campaign visit