Security systems changing with the times

Story by Devin Leinweber

Spring 2023

Like everything else in life, it should come as no surprise that the electronic home and business security alarm industry has been changing.

For example, one of the industry shifts that has occurred over the past 20 years has been a move from hard-wired, landline with basic keypad systems, to smart cellular systems with door lock, thermostat and light control capabilities.

Closed circuit video camera installation is a rarity these days, as they provide very low-quality images and are relatively expensive. Nowadays, Wi-Fi and network cameras are comparitively inexpensive and offer much better quality.

Also, with both camera and alarm systems, notifications sent to peoples’ smart devices have really redefined the industry. Some of these smart devices offer different monitoring packages, from self monitoring to the traditional practice of monitoring with phone calls from a central station.

Cameras now use video analytic rules like trip line and intrusion boxes created within the picture so artificial intelligence (AI) will notify you upon someone trespassing on a property or when your Amazon deliveries arrive.

The bottom line is, with the growth in this industry, there are many new products available that offer very cost-effective solutions to your security needs.

Devin Leinweber is the Owner/Operator at Airdrie Alarm.