Layering and fighting the urge to match

Story by Jaymie Lindquist

Spring 2023

I have worked with many clients over the years, from small renovation projects to new-home construction, and there seems to be one thing that nags at everyone – the urge to match!

Clients will get discouraged because they love a gold light fixture but feel they can’t use it because they have black faucets. Or, they love black door handles but decide against them because it won’t match the chrome cabinet hardware.

I always remind my clients that the bits and pieces of your home must “go” together, but they certainly don’t have to “match”.

Layering is what will bring your house to life! Don’t be afraid to use mixed metals, contrasting colours, and different textures.

It is what will add interest and bring depth to every room! Without it, your room or house can start to fall flat.

If you are doing a light countertop, consider a black granite sink and black faucet to add contrast. If you are doing a light floor, try a dark railing to add visual interest. Maybe you have found a beautiful piece of granite that has beautiful colour and detail, consider pairing it with a plain backsplash in a matte tile laid in a simple stacked brick pattern.

Why not try gold hardware on all your cupboards and wicker light sconces over your island?

Don’t stop there! The layering continues as you add furniture and décor to your new space. Incorporate pattern and texture into carpets, drapes, and pillows. Add colour with artwork on the walls and beautiful frames in different materials (think different shades of wood). Mirrors are also the perfect touch, and my personal favorite, because they will bounce light around the room creating the illusion of a larger room.

And, lastly, don’t forget to layer in lighting! Perfectly placed lamps are the cherry on top to bring warmth to every room.


Jaymie Lindquist is a Home Planner/Designer for McKee Homes.