Homelife with Michelle Carre

Spring 2020

“Bigger is better” is something we’ve heard or believed when it comes to real estate. The idea being that you graduate from a tiny rental apartment to buying a modest starter home and then eventually to a bigger, better dream home. Once the kids move out, it’s time to “downsize.” But maybe we’ve got this all wrong….

“Rightsizing” is a new (and trending) term in real estate and it’s gaining popularity, especially among our younger generations. Let me be clear: rightsizing and downsizing are two very different things. Downsizing is literally moving into a smaller footprint; rightsizing is choosing a footprint that fits your family and lifestyle.

It’s easy to be influenced by media, family and friends into believing that the bigger house is the “right” one, but is it? How many formal dining rooms are out there, with visible vacuum lines, because they never get used? How many nights a year does your guest room actually host living human and not just well-placed decorative pillows? Are you spending more time cleaning your home than enjoying it? Maybe you’re in the wrong size.

Is your family constantly struggling to fit around the table at dinner? Could you use a little more space for your down time (ya know, distance makes the heart grow fonder). Or, is your work slowly leaching into your living space because there just isn’t an office space? Maybe you’re in the wrong size?


Do you have the space to welcome family and friends to celebrate holidays and life’s milestones? Is there a place to gather and a quiet place to relax? Do all the toys have a home? Maybe you are in the right size?

You see, rightsizing isn’t about going bigger or smaller; it’s about knowing your needs and choosing a home that meets them. It’s about not having too much so that it doesn’t take away from your life and also ensuring you have enough room to breathe. Rightsizing isn’t about compromising on what’s important to you (be it location, finishings or style); it’s about finding a place that checks *most* of the boxes.

Maybe your next move is to something bigger, or smaller, or it’s the same size but more suited to your needs. Instead of focusing on the square footage, think more about how you use it!


Michelle Carre is a real estate professional with The Carre Group

Photo Credit: iStock