Garden Art

Story and Photos by Kristy Reimer

Fall 2023

In keeping with this issue’s “arts theme” we asked one of our photographers, Kristy Reimer, to share images from her garden.

Using a macro lens, she creates truly natural works of art!

“My favourite part of my garden is that different flowers bloom at different times. In spring, I love the apple tree blossoms and lilacs. In June, I love the peonies. In July, I love the day lilies, tiger lilies and cheddar pink. In August, I love harvesting the veggie garden. New this year is a Bobo panicle hydrangea and two plum trees. I’m excited to see what they will do!”

Kristy’s macro photography tips:

1. Have a good quality macro lens that will focus well.
2. Flaws on your plants will be accentuated because they are enlarged, so choose the best area on your plants to photograph.
3. Evening light is soft and lovely to work with.