Home Safe Advice

Story by Stacie Gaetz

Fall 2019

“The truth is, break-ins can happen to anyone”


The amount of information out there about home alarm systems can be overwhelming.

Do you want a monitored system? Unmonitored? Wireless? Electric current? What do these terms even mean?

How can you possibly know what you need to keep your family safe?

Devin Leinweber, owner of Airdrie Alarm and Surveillance, has 16 years’ experience in the alarm industry and says the three most important things to remember when choosing your alarm system are:

  • The main purposes of any alarm system are to create a deterrent to criminals and minimize losses if a break and enter does occur;
  • Families must use the system both when they are at home and away;
  • You should ensure the system includes fire and carbon monoxide protection/monitors.

Many people have a skewed sense of security because they think they “live in a good neighbourhood.” Leinweber says although knowing your neighbours and informing them when you are going to be away can be helpful, crime does not discriminate.

“Crime happens where opportunity presents itself and unfortunately, it’s everywhere around us,” he adds.

He says price should not be an obstacle as alarm systems can be more affordable than people might think.

“Alarm systems are very much in most people’s reach financially, especially with no equipment costs based on a term contract,” he says.

“Most insurance companies will also give discounts to people with alarm systems installed in their homes.”

He adds the peace of mind that comes with a home alarm system is priceless.

“You hear it time and time again, people saying, ‘It will never happen to us.’ But it can and it does. The truth is, break-ins can happen to anyone.”

The good news is that alarm systems don’t have to be complicated and can even include some unexpected conveniences such as controlling your home’s thermostat, door locks and lights via your cell phone.

“Interactive systems are most common as they do not use landlines, include an app to control the system and receive notifications in regard to alarm and event activities,” says Leinweber.

Airdrie Alarm and Surveillance has been in the community for 12 years and offers alarm installation and 24/7 monitoring, local guard response to alarm events, and the ability to service clients within 24 hours.


5 ways to stay protected

  1. Install a camera system: From seeing who is at your door when you are home to recording potentially suspicious behaviour while you are away, video cameras are becoming more and more popular.
  2. Pets: A vocal dog has a significant effect in deterring criminals from choosing your house as a target.
  3. Light timers: Timed and motion-sensor lights are powerful preventative measures as they increase the chance of a criminal being seen.
  4. House checks when vacationing: It is not just regulated by insurance companies; it’s an all-around good idea to have someone check on your home at least every four to five days when you are away.
  5. Keep trees and bushes trimmed: Criminals don’t want to be seen. Don’t help them target your house with unruly and large greenery, especially around windows.

Photo Credit: iStock