Story and Photos by Kim Purvis

Fall 2022

The old saying goes ‘necessity is the mother of invention.’ I propose creativity is the actual mother of invention. In my experience the most success and fulfillment I’ve achieved is as a result of meeting difficult challenges with creative solutions.

Creativity in the context of art and design is rarely about dreaming up beauty alone but more digging for the rare jewel that is rooted in a story, solving a problem or evoking a feeling.

How do we exercise creativity in decorating our homes? I’ve highlighted three ways to maximize our inner creative.

Think outside the box! Do you ever have something in mind and either can’t find the perfect piece, it’s well out of the budget, or it’ll be years before it’s back in stock? Initially the lack of a ‘quick’ solution is frustrating, but that’s when the magic happens. Try looking for something that could work the same and achieve the same purpose. Thrifting is a great way to start. Several of my first years making a home we used an old shipping trunk as our coffee table. It was honestly the most practical piece (hello, storage) and added so much to our living room character.

Make it! Social media is FULL of the DIYers and their endless examples of creative projects. Out of necessity, boredom or a challenge so many Instagramers are renovating their houses, or building their own furniture.  (Note: some things are just best left to the professionals and some things cannot be conquered with creativity alone.)

Making something isn’t limited to starting from scratch, either. Taking a piece of furniture or art you already have and modifying it is a fantastic option. Good for the environment, too!

Try new things! Instead of doing the same things, eating the same meals, staying at home … get out and explore the world. Take a class even if you don’t think you have any talent to offer; chances are you’ll find meaning in the process of learning something new.  Finding a new passion ignites all kinds of creativity that will influence more than just your home decor.

For most families creating a home requires a lot of compromise between the varying opinions of those living in the house. Flexibility and creativity combined are the ingredients for achieving a beautiful space uniquely yours.

The great thing about creativity is that projects you tackle can always evolve as you grow and stretch yourself.

Decorator Kim Purvis, owner of Aurora Decor, is pursuing her lifelong passion of creating beautiful home spaces.