The MANover

Story by Anthony Sanni


Photos by Kristy Reimer

Kevin is a husband, father and heavy equipment operator with a glowing personality, a practical approach to life and a wonderful sense of humour. His wife Chrissy told me that she nominated him for this makeover because “he is really very handsome but it doesn’t show because of how he dresses.” Kevin admitted that he has “zero skill in style” but is willing to step outside his comfort zone.

Kevin, before
Kevin, before

Lifestyle determines style. Kevin enjoys evenings out with his wife, spending time with his children, snowboarding and playing video games. Between that and having a set of rules for what to wear for his job, it was no surprise that Kevin’s very limited wardrobe was made up of a few pairs of DIY-hemmed jeans and T-shirts. His prized wardrobe possession is a pair of docks Chrissy got him as a gift. “I wear them everywhere – they are just so comfortable,” Kevin told me. Here’s a man who clearly values comfort and practicality in his clothing.

But who says you can’t have it all? That became our goal. And with that, it was off to pick out three stylish looks from the wide selection of stores at CrossIron Mills.

For outfit one, we went to Banana Republic for a dashing date-night look that works just as well for the pub as for a romantic dinner. The shoes, from DSW, are burnished brown leather loafers – a slip-on shoe that is perfect for Kevin’s easy-going personality, but still very elegant. Chrissy can be sure Kevin’s looks will shine through with this colour combination on their next date.

For outfit two, we hit Winners. Kevin got a cool casual look for summer days out with the family with the option to layer himself or any one of his kids with a lightweight sweater if it gets chilly. On his feet, patterned Vans sneakers from Journeys co-ordinate nicely and give the look a bold footing without being loud or garish. Stylish? Check. Practical? Double check.

Lastly, look three is Kevin in clean, sporty outdoor leisure attire. Linen-blend fabric shorts from Levi’s will regulate the heat, and a roll-up long-sleeve Henley in a soft cotton fabric from H&M is a notch above a plain T-shirt but not too stuffy to wear at play.

Next it was time for some new eye wear from Airdrie Eyecare Centre.

“Kevin’s previous frames were a bit too big on him,” says Hilary Noble, registered optician. “They also didn’t really suit his personality. We decided to look for something a bit bolder and younger.”

Kevin was initially nervous about wearing a plastic frame. He said he’s hard on things and was worried plastic wouldn’t be durable enough. He was also concerned that the style might be too edgy.

Hilary explained to Kevin that a proper-fitting frame will always be the most durable, regardless of whether it’s plastic or metal, because it’s most likely to stay on your face.

When Kevin put on the Ray-Ban frames, it was clear he’d found the perfect pair, says Hilary. “Not only are they an excellent fit, they’re incredibly versatile. And they definitely suit his fun, laid-back personality!”

The smart Wayfarer sunglasses from Airdrie Eyecare Centre were another stylish choice, helping Kevin to keep the sun at bay.

“Kevin has great curl in his hair,” says Wendy Bates-Wiebe with The Hair Lounge, “so we decided to tame the wild and give him a more manageable cut to accommodate his curl. We shaped his beard to give him a cleaner and more modern look.”

The man bun shows off Kevin’s great smile and new glasses.

Anthony Sanni, senior image consultant, is founder of Suit & Hammer Style Image Consulting