Photos by Kristy Reimer

Fall 2018

Our popular fitness challenge is back with three eager contestants ready to tackle a 12-week program created just for them thanks to Tricia Andres McDonald and the pros at Orangetheory Fitness, Nicole Ferguson with Simply For Life and extra help from accountability coach Michelle Carre. In this issue we do the official weigh-in and get the coaches’ thoughts on what each contestant needs to succeed.

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Laura Brauer


HEIGHT: 5’ 3”

R arm              15”

L arm               15”

Chest               51”

Waist               52.5”

Hips                 54”

Thighs             34”


Says Tricia: Laura has already made major steps towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle.  Choosing Orangetheory to kick start her fitness goals and focusing on nutrition as the key to reducing her health risks, she is already so motivated to make the change. Consistency of workouts/movement will be the key for Laura to see results and we will be partnering her up with our head coach, Deanna Bensler, to keep her on track and motivated with her workouts.

Says Nicole: I can tell that Laura has had some health concerns that relate to weight and she really is not ok with that and is eager to change and looking forward to the support on her journey.  I will focus firstly on getting organized in the kitchen/pantry and help her navigate all the choices in the grocery store, so she feels empowered to make food choices for her and her family.

Christopher Dickinson


HEIGHT: 5’ 11”

R arm              13.5”

L arm               13”

Chest               42”

Waist               38”

Hips                 43”

Thighs             23”


Says Tricia: Christopher has proven to himself already that he is worth it! He is motivated and confident that he can make changes to his lifestyle to be there for his three kids now and in the future. Starting with at least three times a week at Orangetheory, we will focus on getting Christopher immersed into our fitness community where he will feel supported and at home with our members and staff. We will partner Christopher with coach Lisa Kaluski, who will be his No. 1 cheerleader!

Says Nicole: I see Chris is a busy dad that I feel wants to invest in himself now and lean out a bit so I will focus on areas that support lean muscle mass like proper intake of vitamin D and food that contain important minerals specific to men’s needs.

Amber Jensen


HEIGHT: 5’ 4.5”

R arm              13.5”

L arm               13”

Chest               43.25”

Waist               36.5”

Hips                 43”

Thighs             23”


Says Tricia: Amber has the chance to put herself first in the challenge. As a mom of four children, that is definitely not something that has happened in the past. She is ready to make the change for herself and for her kids. With Amber, we will focus on building up her confidence again while feeding her desire for competition! With the mini-challenges and benchmark workouts that we include, she will have fun, fuel her competitive spirit and see the results she is looking for!  Her coach will be Rachael Ingham.

Says Nicole: I can tell Amber is a loving mom to young children, but knows it is important that she be healthy so her family can benefit, too. I will have a strong focus on her and how she is nourishing herself, not eating the leftover cold food that moms of young ones get left with.