autolife with Shaun Kos

Winter 2019

Five winter car hacks using household items! 

There’s no denying it: winter is officially on its way and the frigid conditions can do a number on your vehicle.

Here are five winter car hacks using household items that will help you survive and conquer winter driving conditions (and hopefully make your morning commute a little easier!):

1. Fog-proof your windshield

Shaving cream includes the same ingredients found in commercial defoggers. Apply the cream to the inside of your windshield and wipe it off. This will leave a layer on the window and prevent it from fogging up.

2. DIY an ice scraper

If you find yourself without an ice scraper on hand, grab your wallet and take out your sturdiest plastic card or, if you’re at home, grab a plastic spatula from your kitchen (no metal, unless you want a scratched windshield) and scrape away!

3. Socks in the glove compartment

Spare socks can come in very handy when you’re in a pinch. They can double as gloves, a makeshift cloth or be worn over shoes to provide better traction on snow and ice.

4. DIY a de-icer

Mix two parts rubbing alcohol with one part water and transfer to an old spray bottle. The alcohol reduces the freezing point of the solution and can help clear your windshield in a flash.

5. Clean your lights with toothpaste

With sand, slush and grime sticking to your headlights, the brightness can be reduced. Cover each light with a layer of toothpaste and rinse off with warm water. Not only will this drastically improve the clarity of your lights, it is also much cheaper than the headlight cleaning kits they sell at stores.


Shaun Kos is general manager at Country Hills Nissan


Photo Credit: iStock