Celebrating the 2024 Amazing Airdrie Women

Photos by Kristy Reimer

Summer 2024

It was as we never get tired of saying… an amazing night! The 14th annual Amazing Airdrie Women Awards Gala on May 4 was a celebration of heart, leadership, courage, determination, legacy, promise and so much more.

The celebration started with more than 200 lively guests in the Bert Church Theatre lobby with prosecco and grazing, TQLA VIDA samples, the QM Beautique Glam station, the ever-popular paparazzi wall, and a silent auction of amazing art and gifts in support of Airdrie POWER. The party moved inside the theatre proper for the awards presentations and a live performance by Amy Hef.

At the end of the night, with $10 from each ticket and the auction proceeds, more than $5,000 was raised for the women’s day shelter.

In addition, the Tracy Work Pay-It-Forward Fund received an additional $1,000 from Tracy’s mom, Doreen Kleisinger, and $500 from Pureform Radiology. This fund was created four years ago to honour Work, who was a nominee in our very first year (2011). Each recipient receives $100 to direct to a charity of their choosing.

“This is the highlight of our year and the result of months and months of work, on and off the pages of airdrielife,” says AAW founder and airdrielife publisher Sherry Shaw-Froggatt. “I can’t thank our sponsors enough for making this whole community-wide project come to life and culminate in this truly amazing evening.”

Please enjoy our memories below and meet our 16 recipients.

Meet the 2024 Amazing Airdrie Women Award Recipients

airdrielife Honourary Amazing Airdrie Woman: Leslie Horton

“You’re amazing, you are amazing, I am amazing…  words we don’t hear or say enough and the perfect way to kick off the Airdrie Amazing Women awards. It was an evening of inspiration and celebration and I was so honored to be a part of it. There are so many women to be celebrated for their contributions to the community, they all deserve to be celebrated and that’s exactly what we did on Saturday night. My spirit is full!”

Davis Chevrolet Amazing Rural Rep: Laurie Perry

“I would like to congratulate airdrielife Magazine on an AMAZING event! I had the best evening! I am proud of my rural roots and the volunteer work with the Airdrie Pro Rodeo that led to this awesome award. The messages I’ve received from people have really been amazing! I will wear my AAW necklace with pride!”

McKee Homes Amazing Mentor: Danika Weatherburn

“As someone who is fairly new to Canada, the ceremony gave me a chance to network and build connections with my amazing fellow Airdronians. I gained a wealth of inspiration from all the wonderful stories of courage, accomplishments and sheer determination from all the nominated ladies. Receiving the award makes me feel vindicated in everything that I’ve sacrificed to come over to Canada and set up the Academy. I am more motivated than ever to deliver for my students; my mission is their success. Sherry, you are a wonderful lady, full of enthusiasm for community, and I simply cannot thank you and the team enough.

FortisAlberta Amazing Employee: Prasamsa Thapa

“I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for being selected as the recipient of the Airdrie Amazing Employee Award. This recognition means more to me than words can express. Receiving this award is truly humbling and motivating. It reinforces my commitment to the team and our shared goals. Knowing that my contributions are valued in such a meaningful way is incredibly rewarding and inspires me to continue giving my best every day. Once again, thank you for this honor. I am truly grateful and look forward to continuing to contribute to our community.”

GP Law Amazing Advocate: Kristi Puszkar

“Thank you deeply for this incredible honor. Winning the 2024 Amazing Advocate Award is truly humbling, and it fills my heart with immense gratitude. As a Métis individual, being recognized for my beadwork and charitable contributions is not just a personal achievement, but a testament to the resilience and creativity of Indigenous and Métis communities. Through Silver & Ivy Beads, I’ve had the privilege to intertwine my passion for beadwork with a mission to support Indigenous and Métis-led non-profit organizations, and local non-profit agencies like Airdrie P.O.W.E.R.. Each bead carries with it a story, a tradition, and a connection to my heritage. To see these beads not only adorn beautiful creations with deep meanings, but also serve as instruments of positive change within our communities is truly an honor. This win is not only a personal achievement and triumph, but also a victory for the causes and communities I’ve been able to help support. This award has fueled my passion to create and continue my work, to keep using my platform and voice to create change. It has inspired me to forge new connections with others, to create more bridges and help lift the other women in our community. I’m truly honored and blessed. Thank you so much. This means the world.”

Melcor Developments Amazing Determination: Chemaine Linnie

“Receiving the award for Amazing Determination has reminded me that I am making a difference with my work, even when I think I am not. That my work is recognized and appreciated by many. And even when life gets tough, what I do is important and it does make a difference in the community. I am very grateful for the nomination, let alone the award. Being recognized for my determination, will help to keep me determined to continue keep up every day for myself, my family, and my community. Thank you!”

Pharmasave on Centre Amazing Heart: Kirstin Barchard

“I am so honored to have received the Amazing Heart award and I don’t think even a week later it has sunk in. My hope is the incredible organizations we work with will gain a little more notoriety and receive more. Help which many of them desperately need.”

Vitreous Glass Amazing Cultural Ambassador: Jennifer Harbour

“Thank you to airdrielife Magazine and the Amazing Airdrie Women awards. I was so thrilled to have won the Cultural Ambassador award. I will cherish the beautiful handmade necklace and wear it with pride! As someone who is usually the one in the background organizing and planning events in the arts and culture scene, having someone take the time to recognize me and the efforts I work tirelessly on had such a profound impact on me. A feeling of validation and accomplishment. It truly made me feel proud of myself for all the time, energy, and passion I put into the events and programs I am involved in. Life would not be as vibrant without arts and culture in our lives. I will continue to do what I can to support the arts and showcase all the amazing art and culture we have in Airdrie.”

Dione Irwin Team Amazing Legacy: Kim Hill

“Thank you so much Sherry, airdrielife Magazine and all the event sponsors for such an amazing evening. Sherry you did an amazing job with hosting the event. The gala was astonishing with the special stations, prosecco, appetizers, special presentation by Leslie Horton, entertainment by Amy Hef, take home gifts and just being included in such esteemed company. I am still recovering from the evening. I feel honoured and blessed by the nomination, kind words, family/friends/community support in receiving The Amazing Legacy Award. As well as living and being part of the amazing community of Airdrie for the past 33+ years. I will join other amazing women recipients in Airdrie to wear the beautiful AAW necklace with pride!”

TestTech Occupational Testing Solutions/Dental Hygiene express Amazing Entrepreneur: Veronica Stone

“The entrepreneur award holds significant meaning for me as it acknowledges the dedication I’ve put into building my small businesses. Amidst the daily challenges and late nights, it’s uplifting to know that others recognize and appreciate the hard work invested in creating something meaningful. Additionally, I’m grateful for the incredible community of women in Airdrie. We have cultivated an amazing culture of support and lifting each other up, which has been instrumental in my entrepreneurial journey. Such a wonderful event and awards program. Thank you!”

Airdrie Eyecare Amazing Legend: Nina Nath

“Thank you! It was a wonderful evening and a beautiful surprise.”

Pureform Radiology Amazing Courage: Jessica Loney

“For me to win the Amazing Courage award, it means so much given my predisposition. I know that being a transgender woman winning an award in such a political climate, shows how much progress is being made towards a more inclusive and diverse future for everyone. I am not the first to have such a predisposition, but those who came before me made a small, narrow path to help guide me on my journey. If I am able to make that path even just a little bit more wider and easier to navigate, then it has all been worth it. I will continue to promote the underrepresented communities in the skilled trades through my registered not-for-profit ‘DiversiTrade Resource and Connection Centre’, and look forward to a brighter future for everyone. Thank you again for such an honour.”

The Pink Wand Amazing Workplace: Prospect Human Services Wendy Smith

“Winning an amazing Airdrie Women’s Award for being an Amazing Workplace was an honour for Prospect. We are proud to be recognized in Airdrie at these important awards. Every person deserves to have an amazing employer. At Prospect we promote that idea within our teams and with every client that we help serve.”

The Superior Hearing Amazing Promise: Ella Johnson

The Brockway’s Automotive Amazing Coach: Michelle Thompson

The Explosive Edge Amazing Athlete: Mykena Walker