Wendy Smith is the embodiment of the saying “wearing her heart on her sleeve”.

She has worked with Inclusion Alberta and post-secondary institutions create inclusive classrooms and campuses for those with disabilities.

As Program Manager at Prospect Human Services in Airdrie, Smith helps people find employment and connect with others.

“Our community is made stronger by having people with different abilities and experiences around us,” Smith says.

“Some people face barriers that society has placed on them, and I feel that it is important to see the value in all people. I believe that every person deserves a seat at every table.”

Smith was nominated by two of her colleagues for the Amazing Heart Award. Kelly Yorston and Robbi Fender both say Smith has spent the majority of her life giving back to those facing barriers in society.

“Wendy is a fearless leader who ensures diversity is respected and honoured. She is a strong 2SLGBTQ+ supporter. She ensures that we are involved at events like the Airdrie Pride Festival, to share love and knowledge,” says Yorston.

“She truly puts 100 per cent of her heart into everything she does in Airdrie. She cares so deeply about Albertans and helping out where she can,” Fender adds.