A life-changing trip to Guatemala with Youth Challenge International when she was just a young woman changed Heather Cowie’s life. Seeing the vision problems in the country inspired the owner of Airdrie Family Eye Doctors to not only become an optometrist but also to give back to the community. Cowie gives back locally, raising funds for charities and local residents like the Owchar family, who lost their mom to breast cancer just two weeks after giving birth to twins, and organizing events like Karma Glasses, which provides free eye exams and glasses to those who can’t afford it. “Having a business, you can have a bigger impact than as an individual,” says Cowie. Kim Ford is amazed by Cowie’s generosity. “She would never turn anyone away if they required her services,” says Ford. “[Cowie] is an amazing soul.” Cowie has also returned to Guatemala eight times and has the goal of setting up a sustainable clinic in the South American country. “The gap is crazy there,” she says. “Only the rich see well there.” With her goal in mind, the mother of two recently completed a master’s thesis in public health.  “This will be a lifelong project,” says Cowie.