When one of Tammy Plunkett’s children came out as trans, she dove headfirst into learning as much as possible to make his life better.

Since then, Plunkett has dedicated herself to educating people on the LGBTQ+ community, and amplifying the voices in it.

“It’s not that they don’t have a voice and they can’t speak for themselves; it’s that in general they may not have all the privilege that society offers. That means they may be silent or have their voices dimmed,” says Plunkett.

“As an advocate I try to take their message and push it forward.”

Plunkett currently sits on the Airdrie Pride Board, where she founded Parenting with Pride. The group meets once a month gathering parents and caregivers to learn how to support LGBTQ+ children or young adults. 

Next year Plunkett is releasing Beyond Pronouns, a book guiding parents through the journey of their children transitioning and living their authentic lives.

“[Tammy] has helped many families of trans kids as they grow and learn how to support their child,” says nominator Kim Cheel.

“If love and understanding, patience and acceptance, talent and humility were put into a single entity, Tammy would encompass all of those things and much more.,” says Heather Obery who also nominated Plunkett.