Bitz has been volunteering in Airdrie for more than 30 years and has donated her time to a long list of organizations including: Festival of Lights, Special Olympics, Summer Games, Airdrie Food Bank and the Airdrie Health Foundation.

She has also been an Airdrie Rotary member for more than 10 years, allowing her to give back to organizations locally and around the world.

“I volunteer to lead by example and to help a community that I want to see succeed and be healthy,” says Bitz.

“I consider my time to be my most precious resource, so I share it with the place I call home; helping the people that make our city the place I have always wanted it to be.”

Christie Doyle says the fact that her close friend believes the world is changed by actions and not opinions makes her a community leader and strong, yet compassionate, role model.

“Shelley is a positive force within many organizations that are continually making Airdrie a better place to live for our future,” Doyle says.

“This advocacy provides a glance at the passion she has for her community and the future of Airdrie.”

The banking professional also helps local businesses succeed by taking part in the SMARTstart program and the chamber of commerce.

“Seeing people create and operate strong, vibrant businesses positively affects our community’s growth and success,” says Bitz.

“Seeing people learn what they don’t know, share it with others and enrich our community is my ultimate goal.”