As an actor, director, playwright, producer and teacher; chances are if you are involved in the arts in Airdrie, you know Mandi Fusaro-Smith.

The vice president of Nose Creek Players has been interested in theatre arts since she was five years old and has been a significant part of the Airdrie theatre community for eight years.

“Community theatre has a special power to bring people together, to help people feel like they have a place to call home,” she says.

“Whether it’s being on stage, helping behind the scenes or coming and watching a show, it provides a sense of membership in our community.”

Fusaro-Smith also teaches youth acting classes with Torchlight Theatre, which she says has allowed her to meet many extraordinary youth in the community who are passionate about the arts.

This gave her the idea to spearhead a partnership between Airdrie Pride and Nose Creek Players in order to establish a safe space for people in the community so that they could come and watch a show, while getting support from Airdrie Pride.

“She beautifully contributes to the soul of the community. She creates safe places for people to explore their creativity and speak their truths,” says Robin McKittrick, Fusaro-Smith’s friend and artistic partner in leading Nose Creek Players.